Scian Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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This instrument offers a quick way to measure systolic pressure, diastolic blood, pressure, and pulse rate all at once. The display is clear and easy to read for easy interpret. It is therefore, a handy tool to help keep up with updates of one’s condition as often as possible. All the patient needs to do is ensure that the instrument is charged and ready for use.


The gadget is small and easy to carry around as it is lightweight. It comes in handy whenever the patient is on the road. This model is rechargeable and can sustain charge for many hours. This means that a user can travel and use it outdoors away from home.

The Scian wrist blood pressure monitor comes with markings and easy to use controls that guide the user to take vital measurements. This instrument saves a lot of time that could have been spent at the hospital.

It comes in a variety of cool colors that will not be attracting any attention.


The instrument is lightweight and small for easy portability. It has a clear digital screen for accurate measurements.  The controls are also easy to use both children and the elderly.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that last long.