Halogen Ophthalmoscope

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This product is used by an ophthalmologist when performing a peripheral retina evaluation. It is a very useful tool for trade for anyone in this profession.

Why Halogen

The halogen light provides the perfect and bright light that is sure to come in handy during any examination.it has a high-performance optics with a spherical condenser lens that reduces aberration. It has a wide angle viewing lens.

It has 6 apertures that include, small that allows quick entry into small undilated pupils, large for general examination of the eye through the pupil, fixation star for measuring eccentric fixations and location lesions, semi-circle that combines depth perception and field of view, red-free filter that filters out red light allowing identification of arteries or veins, cobalt blue that is used together with a fluorescent dye to view small lesions, abrasions and foreign objects in the cornea.

How it works

A halogen ophthalmoscope comes in two variants, one design powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries, and another that is rechargeable. It is small in size making it easy to carry.  It is a handheld machine. The user can simply hold it in one hand while using it. This product should only be used by professionals.