Ophthalmoscope and Charger

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A rechargeable ophthalmoscope will require a charger. These kind of ophthalmoscope are becoming the newest trend in this industry.

Why buy a chargeable ophthalmoscope 

This product is vital for an ophthalmologist. It is important that it is always in working condition. This is why a rechargeable option is loved by many. This will save you from the constant buying of disposable batteries. You will never have to worry about if you have enough batteries in stock.


The charger has a drop in unit, where the product can be placed and charged once plugged into a socket. It has different colored lights that indicate when it is on, when it is charging and when the device being charged is fully charged. Some designs have an optional wall mount kit, therefore, you do not need to worry about placing it on your desk.

It is very compact making it convenient and mobile. It also has automatic charging, meaning it cannot overcharge the device. This product is also very easy to use. Many designs have 2 charging ports, if you have a backup scope, you can charge both of them at the same time and have your backup ready for use whenever you need it.