Fibre Optic Otoscope

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Otoscope is also one of the useful devices in the medical world. If you go to a clinic or hospital for a check-up, it is the device used by doctors to inspect the nasal sinuses and ear canal.

Simple but Important

It is not only for ear canal and nasal sinuses; there are still other uses in the health care such as transillumination, for eye inspection, veterinary laboratory and many more. And not only in the medical world, can this also be used at home as the light in the dark, dislodging a stuck drawer, and checking something in a narrow place, all because of the light bulb Fibre Optic Otoscope has. You can perform pneumatic testing which is done using the integrated inflation bulb. It has a light which is a combination of LED light and fibre optics. The user will appreciate its 3x’s magnification by the airtight anti-scratch window. You can use from four different sizes of reusable tips. Also the on and off switch is smooth and mixed with the pocket clip. You can use two AA batteries on this. Its swivel window has an airtight seal. It will provide homogenous illumination in examining the ear canal and tympanum.