Otoscope Tip Dispenser

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To let you choose from different otoscope tips available, try this Otoscope Tip Dispenser. It will add opportunity to make you more organized. It is important to be organized to give your patients the impression that you are a kind of doctor who values organization, cleanliness and neatness. These qualities will make your patient to trust you more. Because if they see that your clinic is organized, they will have more confidence and respect to you. This is just a dispenser, but you will find out how helpful it is.  

How convenient it is?

You can also store different tip refills or other similar tools fitted in this light coloured storage compartment. This Otoscope Tip Dispenser can cater both 2.7mm and 4.2 mm tips in order to provide service for both paediatric and adult needs. It can support four stacks of dispenser tips. You have to label every clear stack with 2.7mm or 4.2 mm to avoid confusion when using. Labelling can also help in a fast way to determine which is for adult and which is for children. By having stored otoscope tips, you can give your patients a quality service because you will not be out of supply in your Otoscope Tip Dispenser.