Standard Fiber Optic Otoscope

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Patients would always look for standard quality of any clinic or hospital if they have their check-up. They have paid the right amount, and then they should get the right amount of service. One of the things that patients consider is the device and equipment used by the doctor. If they are assured that the equipment of the certain clinic/hospital are good, then rest assured that the patient and the medical practitioner will have goodwill because the patient can trust the doctor that the services he/she gets  is of good quality.

Ordinary Otoscope Vs. Standard Fiber Optic Otoscope

This is an improved otoscope. The ENT doctors can either choose the ordinary reusable otoscope or this high-end quality of otoscope. Though they have the same function of the disposable ordinary otoscope, this can give more visibility and transparency in checking the ears. It has swivel magnifying lens which could magnify 2.5 times than the ordinary. Also included in this Standard Fiber Optic Otoscope are the reusable ear tips which ensure that there are still more to use. The battery for this otoscope is 2 “C” batteries. This is very light to use for it only weighs 1 kg with the dimension of 10x10x10cm.