CMS50E Pulse Oximeter

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A pulse oximeter is one of the fundamental instruments in any hospital or any health and medical institution. Knowing the pulse rate of the patient is very crucial, that you can’t be wrong. This CMS50E Pulse Oximeter will give you correct information. We know that in the medical world, making a wrong diagnosis could be unforgivable though you would say we are only humans.

Its Qualities That You Want

This CMS50E Pulse Oximeter will give you instantly the SpO2 levels together with the other important measurements. This only weighs 50g with battery included, that makes this product light to carry and portable. You will also trust the reading of the device because it will give you accuracy and an instant measurement. Its battery has long life, it can go for up to 20 hours straight without turning it off all day, that is how reliable is this. That is how this could give you a first-rate performance. Its integrated voltage alarm can warn the user if it is in lower power and can notify the user first through its 5 second auto-off ability. This comes along with a USB cable and power charger. It also has coloured OLED display for effortless reading. There is measurement differentiation although you are in a distance. Another best thing is its data can be transported to the computer; this is evident that this CMS50E Pulse Oximeter is flexible and fast.