ERKA Desk Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

Australia Wide Delivery

Here is another ideal sphygmomanometer for emergency rooms because of its portability. This Desk Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is the standard device for a concise and quick measurement. If you want a sphygmomanometer for travel and for a busy clinic, this one is for you because this is easy to carry. This is also good for home use because this is easy to handle and does not require too much space.

The Materials Used

This is made of ABS plastics to assure that this would not be easily damaged. Since it can be used for emergency situations, it is expected that there is less careful grip in handling the device. This material of ABS plastic is a guarantee of a lasting quality that can’t be easily damaged so it can be used anywhere you want may it be in a secluded or crowded place. You can trust the quality of the materials. It’s free from latex which is best for those who have allergy from latex. Though you distantly positioned from the device, you can still able to read the measurement in just a glance because of the glass quality. The cuff is also protected by a storage compartment for safety from any unexpected circumstances. Though it’s intended only for desk but it still has extension tubing.