Erka Sphygmomanometer One Handed

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This Sphygmomanometer One Handed is considered essential equipment in a doctor’s life or anyone in the medical field.

Why is it special?

As a medical practitioner, have you experience that you are in a difficult and hazardous situation? This Sphygmomanometer One Handed is not your ordinary sphygmomanometer. It is highly resistant to shock because it has polycarbonate material. This means that whenever you are in a stressful or in a very hard situation, you do not have to worry, because the device can still function as it should. It is latex free so that some sensitive patients to avoid allergy. There’s more. Even if you are in a little distant while using it, it is still comprehensible and readable. Another thing is bulb and gauge is combined together. Its glass also is break proof which assures you that you could use it longer. It is lightweight aluminium which is evident that you could carry it easily. Because it is One Handed Sphygmomanometer, the medical practitioners can use it single-handedly. Also, in any emergency situations, using it single-handedly is a great contribution. It is also durable for travel because it has compact case. It has variety of colour so the user could freely choose matching his/her personality.