Mercurial Desk Sphygmomanometer

Australia Wide Delivery

Giving the patient and medical practitioner another model of sphygmomanometer which guarantees precise reading, this comes the Mercurial Desk Sphygmomanometer. Being precise is the most important thing the medical practitioner could offer. Though conventional in design, its qualities will not be left out. It can also be used anywhere because it can be hand-carry.

A Portable Sphygmomanometer

This is another portable sphygmomanometer that can be used anywhere to provide service to the citizens. It is easy to carry with only 2kg weight with dimension of 20x20x20cm. It is dependable model because it can easily be operated. Like any other portable sphygmomanometer, it is also made from ABS plastic. It is a common material used for devices that are portable so that it can’t get breakage or damaged. It has also a chromium-plated component which adds durability in this product. You can also avoid in using this device because of its square capillary piece design. This Mercurial Desk Sphygmomanometer is ergonomic and also compacted which makes this device a proven good companion for taking the blood pressure. Moreover, it has a new seal that assures to prevent overflow. It is also safe which ensures that no any amount of mercury that will spill.