Sphygmomanometer Two Handed

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Sphygmomanometer is a very important device in every clinic, hospital or nursing home. This can measure the blood pressure of a person. The result of testing the blood pressure is the basis if the patient needs immediate medical attention or not. Every healthcare practitioner must have a Sphygmomanometer; it is a requirement every day for their profession. Without this, important diagnosis will not be known which is very crucial.

Why Choose Sphygmomanometer Two-Handed?

This Two-Handed Sphygmomanometer has a black enamel gauge, inflation bulb and nylon cuff and rubber tubing. The nylon cuff is specialized for adult size which can be used in either left or right arm. This Sphygmomanometer Two Handed provides the healthcare personnel extremely important information about the patient’s condition. This device guaranteed accurate measurement of patient’s blood pressure. The gauge can either be detached from the cuff or it can be attached for easy and various operation. Two hands are needed in using this device because the bulb and gauge are not connected to each other. This Sphygmomanometer Two Handed can guarantee that it will provide correct patient assessment and would serve you for years. The dimension of this device is 7x7x7cm with weight of kg.