Disposable Nose Clips 100Pk

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What is nose clip? Nose clips are two tiny pieces of curve wire which is cushioned with rubber wherein you can stick on your nose to maintain the water out. When can you use nose clip? You can use nose clip when you are swimming to prevent the water go inside your nose. It is also used when you experience nose bleeding. You can use it whatever way you want as long as you use it for the nose.

Why Do You Need to Have Nose Clip?

Sometimes because of the hot weather, people can experience nose bleeding. But the problem is, not every time that you are near at your house or near at the hospital. So to make you worry free, you can bring with you a nose clip wherever you go. You can keep it in your purse, or in the car and in your house so that you can have it in case of emergencies.  It is fitted softly while keeping a seal. You can dispose the nose clip after you use it because it is disposable. Disposable Nose Clips 100Pk is composed of conveniently 100 nose clip. Unlike any other nose clip that padded with rubber, this one is padded with foam so you can still feel comfortable if you use it longer.