Classic Stethoscope Tunable

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It is known to everybody that physicians and other medical practitioners always have field work. Usually they would come from one clinic or hospital to the other. In these situations, they need this Classic Stethoscope Tunable which is especially intended for the physicians and doctors who always travel. This is the most reliable instrument for field practice.

Classic Stethoscope Tunable Special Features

This product is easy to carry because it’s very light. It is also multi-patented. It is latex-free to ensure the patients who are allergy with latex. It is composed of non-corrosive titanium. It has coloured coated plastic retaining. Moreover, it has pressure sensitive diaphragm, sensitive to the sounds, dual head, and a chest piece which is made of stainless steel. These features make the medical practitioners who are using it to hear the heartbeat, lungs sound of the patient clearly. Also, it has tunable diaphragm which could allow the medical practitioners choose its volume. Crafted with soft ear tips to give soothe and at ease feeling to the patients. It also comes in different colours to choose from. Classic Stethoscope Tunable has a professional packaging that is presentable to look at. It also included with free name tag for every item.