Classic Stethoscope

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Every healthcare professional has to have a reliable stethoscope. It must be reliable because the life of the patient is the one at stake. Healthcare professionals are liable whatever will happen to the patient. So they have to take extra precaution. If your data is not reliable, then can’t have effective treatment to the patient. This Classic Stethoscope will give you reliable information in assessing the patient.

What’s Its Use?

This Classic Stethoscope has a rotating stainless steel chest piece. It also has a double inner-spring binaural. These can be used in listening to the lung sounds, heart sounds, and bowel sounds. Through this, the assessment will be made. To give the patient comfort, a non-chill rubber ring is designed. For safety assurance, its design is latex-free. Soft rubber ear pieces are also provided for comfort of the healthcare provider. You can also make sure of excellent sound conduction through the flexible PVC tubing. It has also sleek design which creates styles. Its tubing has length of 63cm. this classical stethoscope will give you nothing but a satisfaction. You will not worry of misinformation because it is reliable. It is also easy to use which comes with a hanging display case.