Liberty Health Products Dual Head Stethoscop

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If you are a healthcare professional who wants to serve your patients better, you have to acquire this Dual Head Stethoscope. It is also the duty of those healthcare professional to be always ready in case they encounter an emergency. With that, they have to wear stethoscope all the time when on duty. Not only that, as a healthcare professional, you have to choose your stethoscope wisely. It must be reliable to provide exact analysis. It must be functional to avoid mistake. And it must be comfortable enough for constant use.

Why Choose Dual Head Stethoscope?

This kind of stethoscope is for the healthcare professionals who value style and quality. It is made of lightweight aluminium, flexible PVC and soft rubber ear tips and non-chill ring. This non-chill ring can give the patients easy feeling while on check-up. You can expect superior sound quality because of its adjustable chrome-plated internal binaural. Its reversible head chest piece has noticeable acoustic response to ensure accurate reading. It has a weight of 0.7 kg with dimension of 7x7x7 cm with the flexible PVC tubing which is 56cm long. This comes with a hanging display case which could let the stethoscope in place when not in use.