Liberty Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

Australia wide delivery

This Stethoscope would bring excellent performance to the healthcare practitioners who are using it such as paediatricians, cardiologists, doctors and medical students; it is versatile and acoustically of high quality kind of stethoscope.

What are the Other Unique Features?

This Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope has threaded chest piece which permits using the five interchangeable fittings. However, you have to choose the right chest piece to ensure accurate diagnosis. This would enable the healthcare practitioner to detect the low, medium and high frequency sounds which is an indication of a range of heart and lung conditions in adults, children as well as infants. Additionally, the correct detection over a wide frequency range could be achieved by the right choice of adult and paediatric diaphragms to recognize the high pitched respiratory sounds and certain heart sounds along with three bells (infant, child and adult) for low frequency sound detection. Another thing, for more certain condition diagnosis, the healthcare practitioner should match the bell or diaphragm to the patient’s size to get the better sound location. Also the twin 56cm head to chest tubes can give clear acoustics. Included with this are spare adult and child plastic diaphragm, the three bells and the adjustable binaural in which you could choose either silicon or mushroom ear tips.