Child Nasal Cannula With Tubing

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Babies and children may have a chronic lung disease that may require oxygen therapy at home. The Medline nose cannula is a soft plastic tube that is cut with nostrils and connected to an oxygen tank.

The oxygen is easily transported so that the teacher can feed and wash their children and, at the same time, change diapers. Cannula Medline Made of soft, lightweight, flexible and non-stick coated materials.

This helps reduce sensitive allergic ear tissue, usually a problem with other brands of cannulas. The bushings are shock resistant.


Clean and light oxygen tube

For oxygen flow up to LPM 3 or LPM 6

Unique anatomical design in one piece

Eliminate the need for irritation

Instructions for use

Destruction of the hands Extraction of the nasal cannula in children.

Connect the connector to the oxygen source, such as the oxygen tube or the oxygen flow meter.

Set the flow regulator to the specified litres flow. Check the flow of gas through the nasal nails.

The Salter style for children found a nasal cannula, with the nose up and bent up in the face. Place the ends of the nose with gills.

Wrap the headset in both ears. Alternative position: Secure the headphone holder behind the head.

Drag the edges of the pole and remove the screws under the chair.