DeVilbiss CPAP Hose

Australia Wide Delivery

The Devilbiss CPAP Hose is an easy-to-use medical equipment. It is one of the few devices designed for both medical practitioners and patients’ needs. It is widely used because of its compatibility with several CPAP machines available today.


The Hose has a standard 6’ length. It is designed to fit other CPAP machines for easy compatibility. Although it was designed for CPAP compatibility, it not only works with CPAP machines but also other machines and brands across the board.

It has an attractively molded plastic exterior to enhance rigidity for portability. The support material is mainly BPA free and latex free for safety of the patients. There are no alternative sizes to the Devilbiss CPAP hose yet.


This device has a rigid exterior feature made of latex-free material for maximum durability. The entire outward design is rugged but flexible. The material is waterproof and hence easy to clean and sterilize.

The smooth lining on the interior is used to let in air without restrictions.

Most importantly, the Devilbiss CPAP Hose features a rugged BPA and latex free structure to maximize airflow. This feature helps to maintain air pressure while the patient is asleep for maximum safety.