DeVilbiss Full Face CPAP Mask

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The Devilbiss full face CPAP mask is an essential equipment for the aging patients with breathing complications. It is an appropriate solution because it does not only offer comfort but also durable for long-term use.


This device has a four-point adjustable headgear to ensure that it fits properly on differently head sizes.  It can therefore, be used by people of all ages and sizes since it is flexible.

To use the Devilbiss full face CPAP mask efficiently, the design includes silicon cushioning that can accommodate various head sizes. The lightweight construction weighing 0.8 kg frees the wearer from the burden of bearing weight on their head.

It also comes with tube connection and a swivel capable of 360-degree rotation for convenience of the patient. It allows optimum positioning and space for mobility without restrictions.


The Devilbiss full face CPAP has features that are adaptable to various machines apart from CPAP brands. For example, the headgear allows easy adjusting for high patient compliance as well as achieve an effective seal.

The material used is convenient as it is easy to clean and maintain. This model is also available as a nasal mask for patients of all head sizes.