DeVilbiss Nasal CPAP Mask

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If the idea of using a mask that covers your nose makes you claustrophic; you probably need an odorless mask that is comfortable. The Devilbiss nasal CPAP mask is an appropriate solution and suitable for people with many sleeping positions too. People who tend to turn a lot during the night easily interfere with facial devices. People with excessive facial hair are also victims of discomfort when using medical facial masks. The Devilbiss is a critical solution to comfort and durability.


The Devilbiss Nasal CPAP mask is an affordable device for those who are on a budget. It has a simple design that makes it effective for CPAP therapy. This is one of the best solutions to comfort and durability. It comes with a four-point flexible headgear to ensure that it fits perfectly to different head sizes. It also features a lightweight construction for maximum comfort. The exterior as silicone cushioning to maximize comfort.

There are three different sizes for varying forehead shapes and sizes. The brand provides these options with every purchase.


This medical device has a tube connection on a 360-degree swivel.  Other features include adjustable headgear straps, and nasal pillows. It is therefore, flexible and fit for portability.