JOYCE Easy Replacement Clips

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Weinmann clips are the best in the market; the tools are necessary in maintenance and fixing of for a mask.

How they work

Replacement clips are a necessity in fixing and adjusting ends of a mask for comfort and effectiveness. The primary function of a mask is to enhance respiration. It is essential for people experiencing sleeping problem and asthma. People with such health need consistent help in breathing in and out; the mask can easily wear out due to consistent use. This is where the replacement clips come in.


The clips are mostly covered with metal; they are light and flexible for easy adjustment. Straps on a mask depend on such clips for adjustment to fit different types of head shapes and sizes. The pointed ends of the clips has two arms that combine to enhance grip when fastening the bands. On the other end is a plastic covered body that holds the two metals together.

Replacement clips come in pairs; this is for effectiveness of its functions. The replacement clips also come with two circular rubbers for covering tubing on the mask. The color of the two rubbers often match color on the clips.