JOYCE One Full Face Replacement Cushion

JOYCE One Full Face Replacement Cushion

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The Joyce One full face replacement cushion aids in providing extra comfort to the patient. It is especially handy to long-term dependents of full-face masks. Since long-term use of the product causes the equipment to wear out. The aging patients are most vulnerable to discomfort brought by worn devices. Soft material is important to hold their wrinkly facial contours in place.


This product has a complete design to fit each of the parts of the headgear. It also comes in a wide variety of sizes to adapt to every type of model. For example, it includes the four-adjustable fit to replace most of the regular CPAP masks.

The model is made of silicon cushioning to adjust to a variety of facial contours. It is also flexible to different head sizes meaning it can fit both children and adults.


The material is waterproof hence easy to wash and maintain. The material is also odorless for maximum comfort. Users can wear a mask made of this material for a long time.

The design does not restrict the 360-degree movement of the swivel.

Use the Joyce one full-face replacement cushion under a doctor’s prescription and advice.