JOYCE One Headgear

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The strap offers simple handling and comfortable fit. It is one of the best in the headgear category. Typically, it is recommended for head injuries. The straps hold muscles and bones in position to enhance the healing process. Also, the headgear is fitted with several straps to offer a balanced tubing support.


The straps cross each other in the middle hence equal distribution of pressure on the head. The cross-band design also allows easy adjustment to fit different shape sizes and shapes. Slippage during rigorous movement is a thing of the past with this headgear. The straps are elastic, which makes fitting easy and quick. It does not take long to tie the headgear on a patient. In fact, patients can do it by themselves.

The headgear is available in different colors and sizes. Although size is not an issue because of the adjustable straps. The material is also skin friendly; there are no worries about allergic reactions.


The primary function that inspired design of the headgear is keeping the tubing in place. The strap is specifically for anchoring the tube for easy administration of drugs. The straps can also be interchanged for cleaning purposes as well as design.