JOYCE One Replacement Clips

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The Weinmann replacement clips are the best in this category because of their flexibility and ease of use.


The clips are used to fasten bandages and any other fabric to cover wounds or keep a damaged joint in place. After joint damage, the ligaments and ruptured muscles need time to regrow. Any slight movement of the joints interferes with the efforts to regrow; doctors use straps and other tools to hold a joint in position to enhance the healing process. The clips come in handy at this point to hold fabric in desired position. Besides, the replacement clips are used for storage purposes. Fabric can be kept neat and compact with help of clips.


The clips are entirely metal. They come in pairs for effectiveness. Sometimes, replacement clips are used to hold masks in position. The clips have plastic on one end for easy handling and fixing. On the other end, replacement clips have interlocking tips that ensure fabric is held in desired positions. Most clips come with matching rubber covers to enhance design of the tools. Usually, the color on rubber covers match color on handles on two clips. The metals are strong and durable.