JOYCE SilkGel Headgear

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The soft headgear aims at comfort of a patient. While SilkGel can be used interchangeably with JOYCE one, it is the most preferred among Weinmann masks. Positioning of tubes and proper administration of medication is a priority in designing of this mask.


The mask is made of high quality cotton that enhances comfort. Moreover, the spandex and polyamide components enhance breathability of the fabric used on the straps. As patients inhale through tubes, they need sufficient air to keep the body in normal state. The unique feature of this mask is the tube-anchoring option. The mask is not only convenient because of fixed tubing but also easy to handle. The tube-anchoring feature allows flexibility in bed. For patients who need the mask overnight, the straps can be adjusted to allow consistent flow of air and comfort during sleep.

Also, SilkGel headgear is designed with cross bands hence flexibility with respect to adjustment to fit different head sizes and shapes. The straps that join in the middle also guarantee perfect fit; no slippage issues.


While it is considered optional, it is crucial in keeping tubing in place. It spreads and reduces pressure points as well as ensures good fitting. It is skin friendly and easy to clean.