Nasal CPAP Mask - JOYCE Easy

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The mask is designed for comfort. The straps are adjustable to suit different sizes and shapes. Both adults and children can use the CPAP mask. The cushions surround the head to ensure a comfortable fit when turning in bed. Unlike other CPAP masks, you don’t have to worry about the mask falling off when you bend or change body positions. The straps hold it in position by surrounding your head.


The nasal mask is held in position by a four-point headgear that seals around your nose in a triangular shape. The cushions can also be customized and replaced. Cushions for the masks are available in a variety of colors and designs. The seal types can be swapped. The parts are also easily replaceable. The mask is popular because of its flexibility.


To prevent leaks of medication, the tubing is fitted with soft seals. The seal also helps in preventing foreign objects or dirt from getting to your solution. While it is only a single-layer seal compared to other masks in the category, it is effective with regards to hygiene. Cleaning of the mask is simple; the manufacturer provides anti-bacterial wipes and citrus spray.