Weinmann Full Face CPAP Mask JOYCE Easy

Weinmann Full Face CPAP Mask JOYCE Easy

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Features are made to fit the primary purpose. While the parts are designed for specific functions, most parts function interchangeably and this is one should consider this Full Face Mask. In addition to that, movable joints have been incorporated in this mask to make it easier for a patient to make movements and slight adjustments with this mask on board.


Weinmann CPAP Full Face Mask contains simple features such as unique colors; strong bindings that make it easier for the patient to remove the tube from the head would he/she wish to. Depending with the differences in the structure of faces, one is able to acquire a small, medium, or large sized mask. The mask is universal; both adults and children can benefit.


By providing a high level of efficiency through the ability to provide treatment for most patients, the mask also covers other facial parts as the nose and mouth making it one of the best. Patient risk is minimized by providing for the movable joints with the patient’s comfortability enhanced by the same. The triangular shape on the nose makes it comfortable.

This mask is usable in both a home setting and a medical one.