Weinmann Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask NP15

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This CPAP mask is designed for comfort. The tube is only a fraction of this medical tool; it is surrounded by adjustable strings and a pillow, which cover a patient’s face. The adjustable straps ensure every patient has perfect fit. The soft and comfortable pillow makes it ideal for long-term use. The Nasal pillow CPAP mask helps with sleep quality whether it is a child or adult. The mask is also adaptable; face shape and size is not a matter of concern. The mask is also adaptable to different sleeping positions.


The cushions can be swapped to suit different face shapes and sizes. Also, the cushions and mask fitting can be adjusted for comfort in bed. The cushions are made of different materials; patients are free to choose a preferred fabric. The cushions are latex free hence reduced risks of infections and allergic reactions. The straps also allow mobility and comfort during sleep.


The mask can easily be disassembled and fixed in few minutes. It is advisable to remove parts for cleaning purposes on a regular basis. The tubing is also adaptable to different solutions; you won’t need to change masks when changing medication.