Devilbiss Reusable Suction Pump Canister

Devilbiss Reusable Suction Pump Canister

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Surgical or medical canisters are used as a safe way to dispose of waste in hospitals and surgical centers. Reusable suction canisters are available in different sizes.

They are made to be the hygienic, simple and quick way to dispose of medical waste. The system is made of several components that include suction canisters and lids and are generally easy to set up and use.


Reusable Suction Pump canisters are available in a variety of sizes and have lid options with ports and connectors. Their drainage system is safe for disposal of medical waste including infectious waste. They are easy to use and have lids with overflow protection systems.

The canisters are made from durable material so they can be useful to the medical facility for a long time. They are also made with the same lid size so that handling the jars is easy.

They are easy to connect or set up since the tubing can be quickly connected. They also have markings so that you can see the level that the suction fluid has reached just at a glance.

Who Uses Them

These reusable suction pump canisters are used in hospitals and surgical centers to dispose of medical waste.