Liberty Nebuliser Mask – Child

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The Liberty Nebulize mask for children is equipment that helps those with problematic breathing. It is made of soft vinyl for comfort just like the regular liberty nebulizer mask for adults. Children on inhaled treatment will find it useful because it has a tight seal to enhance their breathing.


The mask helps nursing staff to administer precise dosage in medication. It comes with a graduated transparent bowl, which is plainly marked for easy reading. The nurses rely on these markings to monitor and observe the patients’ progress. It is also easy to notice droplet accumulation within the mask early to avoid any complications. The mask is, therefore, best suited for observing the flow of medication to keep it within the prescription.

The Features

Apart from the transparent bowl is the adjustable elastic band to keep it place for perfect use. A swivel helps to provide space for patient movement in comfort. The entire equipment is odor-free so the patient will not worry about irritating smells. It measures 7x7x7 centimeters and weighs 0.1 kg.

To utilize the equipment correctly, connect it to the air compressor via the nebulizer bowl and fix the elastic band properly. Keep the graduated jet upright for perfect reading.