Liberty Nebuliser

Australia Wide Delivery

The liberty nebulizer’s contemporary design is complemented by its versatility and affordability. It costs much less than other pumps in this category. The manufacturer has been in the production industry for an extended time hence a high reputation in the market. First class performance and flexibility of its user account for its high rating. The nebulizer is designed for both adults and kids. It is universal and reliable.

What is unique?

Unlike many other models, users do not have to wait for long before the device is ready for the next use. The nebulizer is designed to function repetitively in a continuous cycle mechanism. After initial use, the nebulizer can immediately run another round of a solution depending on the needs of a user.

The nebulizer is free from noise. It is fitted with anti-vibration feature that ensures users have a quiet experience. Nebulizer vibration is a deal breaker for many patients, especially children but not with this model.


The manufacturer targets both adults and children. The nebulizer comes with different sizes of masks together with a mouthpiece. Additional features of the nebulizer include a pair of nasal prongs and supply tubing. The manufacturer also provides a separate storage compartment for the extra tools.