Nebuliser & Oxygen Tubing

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A nebulizer is not complete without tubing. The type of tube you choose for your bowel or pump determines effectiveness of the inhalation process. Respiration care is a sensitive process that necessitates proper materials. Some people react to different materials because of skin sensitivity and air passage infections. However, these are not anything to worry with this oxygen tubing.

Why this tube

Quality of inhaled medication is entirely dependent on the tools used to relay medication to the body. Whether it is in form of liquid or gas the tubing matters. The oxygen tubing is suitable for people with breathing problems.

The tubing is flexible; it rotates around a nebulizer bowl to adjust to different positions and preferences of a patient. The flexible material also allows patients to move. Unlike most tubings, this model is elastic; a patient can stretch in a bed or chair and inhale medicine at their own comfort.


The tube is also transparent, which allows easy monitoring of drug flow. The transparent material also helps in detecting any dirt or undesired objects in the tube that might affect a patient. Besides, the nebulizer and oxygen tubing is latex free hence zero risk to any form of allergic reactions.