Smart Motion Sensor And Pager

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The motion sensor region when trying to leave the camera to elevate the patient, sends a signal to the pager and therefore to about 150. The pager can be used by the maintenance service or placed on a seat Side or bedside table with integrated shelf.

When the pager receives a signal, you can listen to the call or create a summary. (The approximate noise level of this warning is 70-80 dB). The motion sensor does not work by itself. A great way to keep your home without worrying!


The head adjustment sensor and the waiter always provide support with the pager. Order Mon-Cum for up to one hour and we are on the same day!

The pager can be set up at 45 m from the motion sensor. Use it on the side of the bed or door to tell Carol that the patient is moving and moving.

Place the motion sensor on the floor next to the bed. As the patient's legs move closer to the bed, the motion sensor detects activity and sends a radio signal to the pager.

As there is noise in the patient's room, the alarm does not disturb or bother him. But the doorman warns immediately.

The system uses five AA batteries when you want to use an AC adapter for a motion sensor, which can reduce the performance of the battery during the life of the device. Amazon 12V Power Adapter for Amazon Wireless Alarms. Add this product to your Amazon shopping cart. This package also includes an example of a protective mattress once ordered by Austin.

Put it where you need it

The motion sensor can be placed almost anywhere to ensure perfect coverage. The exit alarm can be placed next to the bed or the door area, and when the sensor detects movement, the locator is activated - inform the teacher.