Adult Nasal Cannula With Tubing

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The Allied Healthcare basal nasal cannula tube features a 7-foot oxygen tube with 3-channel crush resistance. Adult nasal cannula, fit, comfort and better posture are designed to provide anti-roll protection against low-flow ear oxygen ear patterns to provide oxygen. The redesigned female nasal tube features a more flexible hose connector to facilitate seating. Packed in easy to open bags. Does not contain latex

The original characteristics of the O2 nasal cannula are:

Anatomically bent to fit the upper lip

Nose and conical grooves for the nose

Ear-shaped headphones

Perforated seamless tube

Soft, light and light material

Features of High Flow O2 include nasal cannula:

Provides oxygen flow of up to 15 lpm

3-channel headphone tube with solid shaft cover

Single and rectangular head set made of polo

The face is soft and very soft with an anatomical circumference that fits the upper lip

A light green supply hose from the channel to the oxygen source

E-Z Wrap Ear Pads

Low oxygen flow pattern with anti-wrap protection for better fit, comfort and positioning. The design of the new gently curved nasal canal allows greater comfort and greater wear of the patient's nose. Packed in easy to open bags. A long sealant is perfect for oxygen supply.


- Improved fit for greater comfort

- Designed for safe positioning

- Continuous flow of oxygen