DeVilbiss 5 Liter Concentrator Filter 6pk

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This oxygen concentrator filter, DeVilbiss oxygen concentration - DeVilbiss IGO portable DeVilbiss condenser and replacement filter for 5 litre oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrator DeVilbiss filter, bacteria filter, filter 515, filter cabin, suction filter, longer life filter and suction compressor with filter.

Features and Benefits

OSV exchangeable cupboard filter monitor Oxygen and DeVilbiss 5 litre compact oxygen condenser (17 17121)

6 packages

Only wash and change

To perform preventive maintenance, check the inlet filter at least every two years and replace it if necessary. "

Modifications of DeVilbiss condensed oxygen filters

Product ID # 303DZ-639, 505DZ-604, 611-306DS, 306DS-616, 303DZ-605, MC44D-605, 525D-622, PV5LD-651a

Types of filters: HEPA - bacteria, suction, compressor, peripheral bacteria, cabinet,

The condensers are divided into: iGO, 5 litres incorporated (525DS), 5 litres (515).

Manufacturer: DeVilbiss.

HCPPCS code: A4649

The 5-liter DeVilbiss condenser has been upgraded to 5 litres, based on a strong centre model with improved performance and durability.

This powerful oxygen concentrator manufactured in the USA.

Provides the right balance of freshness and silence.

Negotiable simplified study Two adjustable design and 15% typical sound quality allows the cooling turned out to be particularly spaces DeVilbiss are willing to improve these improvements and improve with the technology and minimizes the internal components of the device, the life expectancy increases at birth.

Have in because in the past, production statistics, less than 3% guaranteed return rate

Axis is the easy assembly and disassembly and maintenance for two years

DeVilbiss 505,515,525 several alternatives filter intensive parrot’s series

5XX centre 3 uses a type filter: air filter 6 / PKG (505DZ-604) fan filter silencer (515DZ-605) and bacterial final filter (PV5LD-651)