Devilbiss Clinical Oxygen Concentrator

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The portable oxygen system is the ideal solution for an active lifestyle. The lightweight portable 3-liter oxygen system offers two modes of operation: continuous flow or Devilbiss® transmission. The reliability and reliability of Devilbiss oxygen management is demonstrated in clinical trials and independent reviews by physicians and psychotherapists.

DEVİLBİSS comes with a battery, power adapter, power cord and DC adapter. DEVİLBİSS can be moved with a portable transport bag with wheels for easy transport. DEVİLBİSS includes maintenance alerts so that Devilbiss and Devilbiss know exactly what is needed.

DEVİLBİSS facilitates movement and can be powered by three different power sources: AC, DC or battery.

Settings are from 1 to 6 or from 1 to 3 LPM in Devilbiss mode in continuous flow mode

Devilbiss' integrated oxygen protection technology extends the life of the Devilbiss portable oxygen system, providing greater mobility with greater comfort and increased productivity.

An oxygen-sensitive device to ensure the accuracy of the oxygen supply and to ensure that it is periodically reduced

Scheduled maintenance plan

Increase battery capacity: Devilbiss uses a battery that can support 5.4 hours in Devilbiss mode 1

Power failure, low battery, low oxygen output, high / low flow, noises detected in driving mode, noise, high temperature,

Can be used with a 50 ft tube / cannula in continuous flow and a 35 ft tube / cannula in Devilbiss mode

When the device receives AC power and turns off, Devilbiss automatically switches to battery operation.

Support of three forms in the axle box

Easy access to the filter compartment

Does not require maintenance for three years