Devilbiss Long Life Intake Bacteria Filter

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The filter is used to replace the Devilbiss lifetime exhaust with a five litre compact oxygen compound as an alternative filter to the oxygen concentration of Devilbiss.

Features and Benefits

For use with # 76346, # 76347, # 17121 and # 79932

The filter is displayed when the device is open

Rectangular shape

Check every two years and replace if necessary.

Product description

Devilbiss oxygen concentrator filter. These oxygen condenser filters are interchangeable filters for oxygen concentration Devilbiss - Devilbiss iGO oxygen concentrator and Devilbiss 5 litre oxygen condensate. Devilbiss oxygen filters contain a bacteria filter, a 515 filter, a cabin air filter, a suction filter, a long-term filter and a compressor filter.

Filter to replace active bacteria from Devilbiss concentrates. At the entrance after the foam filter used. The normal exchange takes place every two years.

Regardless of the type or type of machine you use, disposable and washable filters are an integral part of your equipment. Thanks to clean, fresh air, CPAP filters are an essential part of your CPAP treatment, since they can remove dust, pollen and smoke particles from your CPAP.

Do not forget to take the necessary measures to maintain the purity of the air and replace the filters every month (30 days). If the product is used frequently, make sure it is completely clean, if necessary, replaced, damaged or discoloured. The different filters have a longer life and can only be compatible with certain brands.