Oxygen Mask With Tubing & Reservoir

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Adults and older children in the size of the tube and oxygen mask of the

Liberty reservoir, which allows the administration of high oxygen concentrations to patients with severe disease, disappear again with the oxygen mask (also known as the Hudson mask). Spontaneous respiration, but also for patients who need high concentrations of oxygen and oxygen tube masks and freedom in the adult tank, capable of providing a high quality 99% respiratory mask up to a 100% oxygen concentration. Ergonomic, odorless design made of vinyl, a one-way valve, because it is in the tank, to provide adequate oxygen concentration in the patient, the need that contains the flexible film, as a convenient and comfortable fit. It also promises that when the patient breathes, these gases will not be sent to the bag with the tank. In addition, the device does not contain latex and is constructed taking into account the conditions associated with the injuries, which leads to a good product for patients who need a critical emergency.


High concentration

Do not retransmit

With / without check valve

A transparent mask, a comfortable anatomical shape, allows the patient to look

Rubber strap

Available for children, children and adults. It is specially designed for patients who require short-term short-term oxygen therapy.

Comes with a soft, transparent plastic breath attached to the oxygen storage mask to ensure deep breathing without losing oxygen

A light tank of 600 ml increases the production of oxygen and the comfort of the patient.

Common functions

Extended mask for prolonged use

Clean and soft mask for patient comfort

Adjustable elastic strap and built-in handle for proper mask placement

The cork for the length of the light is 210 cm for a continuous flow of oxygen

The conduit is connected to a funnel-shaped connector for easy connection to an oxygen source.

Fluorescent lamp main tube to prevent accidental occlusion

Sizes: for adults and children.