Oxygen Mask With Tubing

Australia Wide Delivery

Oxygen masks and tubes are used to deliver oxygen to the patient in sufficient quantities. We make many masks and oxygen tubes, including aerosol pipes, flexible tubes of 7 to 50 meters, adult or child oxygen masks, as well as aerosol masks for adults or children.

What are the masks and oxygen tubes? Masks and oxygen tubes are the accessories used in oxygen therapy to provide oxygen to the patient. The oxygen tubes are connected to the center and are connected to the oxygen mask. The oxygen masks are then tied to the patient's head with a belt or bar and are focused only on the nose and mouth. Oxygen masks and test tubes are used in hospitals, homes and homes to help people breathe freely. Features

Smooth and soft mask 02

Acid-resistant oxygen tube

High-quality connector

Latex free design

The tube transformer can be rotated and modified using spandex for easy use on both sides of the patient, providing convenient comfort for any patient. The hopper is made of soft vinyl. The 7-foot star is equipped with a light tube to supply oxygen.


Clear mask for easy viewing

Coating green pipe for easy visibility

Soft curved edges for patient comfort and safety

Adjustable elastic straps

Tube with tube bent 2.1 m

Soft flexible PVC

Oxygen tube with six channels

Without latex


50 pieces - 1 square