Oxygen Tubing Connectors 20Pk

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The 20PK oxygen tube connections are connected to all standard oxygen channels and tubes. The medication is sterile and durable.

Latex oxygen tube connections 20pk and BPA are free. This pin connector is connected to two standard lengths of oxygen tubing.

The 20PK oxygen tubing connections are compatible with all common oxygen and oxygen storage devices that form a dense and non-permeable connection.

In the form of high quality material, sealed and sealed and sold in packages of 5 pieces.

The Salter tubing that connects the ratchet increases the safety and flexibility of the patient. The Salter-Rotor connector is used every year to prevent the return of millions of patient tubes. Fixed connectors and Christmas tree adapters provide a convenient connection to any configuration.

Replacement tubes for use with masks for vials and vials for adult patients receiving paediatric tablets for various respiratory diseases. The tube is connected to the sprayer body by means of a spindle that allows the patient to move. The tube is transparent and contains no latex to reduce the likelihood of allergies in high-risk patients.

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Patient satisfaction does not start with the cannula and does not stop. Salter's design teams consider all aspects of oxygen distribution. Salter joints and green tubes prevent illness in the home. Normally, Solter introduces innovations in pipes and replicas, but none of them can be compared to the original.