Disposable Penlight Torch 6Pk

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Available in six packages, this Penlight single-use lamp provides consistent and reliable illumination for any clinical task that requires the evaluation of the student or a small additional light source.

The lamp is an important diagnostic tool for any doctor, nurse or medical specialist. Lantern light is often used to evaluate the pupil, but it is also useful for evaluating skin and wounds, as well as evaluating the neck, nose and throat.

This disposable 6pk polystyrene flashlight has all the characteristics of use and reliability of high quality flashlight and improves the benefits of convenient and infectious control of the disposable product.

The disposable product allows patients with isolation protocols to perform complex patient evaluations while monitoring the best infection control procedures. Due to its excellent price-performance ratio, this Penlight 6Pk disposable flashlight can meet the needs of many medical institutions and healthcare providers.


The concentric rays are sealed and the disposable feather needle beats for the illumination of the eyes, ears and throat

Dual-function pocket for mobility and manual activation of light

The student's cursor is displayed in the main light to determine the student's size

Dimensions LED lights are 5 "long and 1/2" wide

Six large nursing pillows for nurses, doctors, orders and all kinds of medical personnel

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The simple size of the student chart / chart printed directly on the body with the touch pen helps you measure the size of the patient's eyes while examining their eyes. The measurement table varies between 3 and 4 millimetres.

These funds will last several months or even years, it is hard to believe that they can be eliminated. These tentacles offer a first-class spring appearance with high quality plastic.