Devilbiss Elbow Connection - 6Pk

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The lightweight aluminium handle on the front seat of the Medical Drive makes it easy to compare with conventional armrests. The design is characterized by a one-piece moulded arm and a hand-held device, the degree of which can be adjusted in 1-inch increments to provide grip and individual dimensions. This 1.5-pound armrest is more of a police officer than the traditional style forearm crutches.

About this product

One-piece moulded plastic part and handle assembly

Provides safety and comfort

Made of lightweight aluminium

Weight: 300 lbs. Guarantee: limited service for life

Consists of high strength aluminium tubes based on frequent energy consumption

The parts of the telescope have an internal fuse and an external nut to avoid noise

The unique design reduces pain in the hands, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, partial bleeding and sublingual tendons.

Anatomically comfortable grip and shaped contour edges

An anatomical and comfortable hand holds your wrists and hands in a normal position and guarantees adequate blood flow and nerve conduction.

On the back, on the shoulders, on the elbows, on the neck and on the wrists, reduce the pain.

Handles are comfortable and support comfortable hand placement, reducing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome

External hoses with vinyl covers can be placed in the user's hand for greater comfort

They are made independently of the legs and forearms

Adjust the height of the knob is easy with locking lock for greater security

The manual lining is adjusted to the coupling height and the lower part of the coupling is raised by 1 "

"Chico" sleeps comfortably 5'0 "-6'0"

Tips for absorbing impact Reduce stress and ulcers

Heavy rubber tips for storage and consumption


The absorption effect reduces stress, fatigue and irritability.