Devilbiss Homecare Suction Unit

Australia Wide Delivery

The homecare suction unit was uniquely designed for homecare use. It is small in size and light in weight making it very portable and is also easy to use when compared to other suctioning units. It is designed to provide a reliable and portable operation. Medical professionals who see patients at home do not have to carry the hospitals suctioning unit but can opt to use the homecare unit as it provides the same function as the bigger unit.

Description and Features

This product has an automatic shut off that prevents any overflow into the unit.  It uses a rechargeable battery that has a 60-minute runtime. It also recharges automatically once connected to a power unit.

It has been tested and gives outstanding performance when used. It has an integrated bacteria filter and vacuum adjustment. The unit also has a switch mode power supply system that allows it to operate on any AC voltage 100 V 240V.

Who can benefit from this product?

This suction unit is designed for all patients of any age or gender from neonates to adults. This is because it can be adjusted as necessary. It should only be used by trained medical personnel.