Disposable Adult Yankauer

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The Disposable Adult Yankauer suction is a medical equipment used in oral suctioning procedures. It is made of plastic and is firm with a large opening surrounded by a bulbous head so that it can effectively suction without damaging any surrounding tissue.

The Yankeur suctioning tool was developed around 1907 by American otolaryngologist Sidney Yankauerth and is the most used suction equipment medically used in the world.

How it is used

This tool can be directly attached to a suction pump, therefore, it has become ideal for first responders and first aids.

It is also used in surgical centers and hospitals to clear the area being operated on during surgical procedures. The design allows it to suction while preventing damage to any surrounding tissue. It keeps the throat clear of saliva and phlegm while it captures secretions. It can also be used by first responders when needed.


They come individually wrapped and sterile. The bulbous head ensures that no damage is done to the surrounding tissue while it is in use.

It allows for large volumes of fluids to be suctioned. It has a disposable tube that has a length of 27 cm. it is sterile so there is no worry of infections.