Disposable Suction Pump Canister

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Disposable suction pump canisters are used for collecting and retaining thick medical fluids like blood, they are normally made of hard plastic and come in different sizes and are marked for easy reading.


They are made for single usage then they are to be disposed of. They come with lids that snap on so that there is no spillage and the caps are designed to seal and prevent any vacuum loss.

They are marked clearly so that the canisters can be easy to read and have overflow valves so that high hygiene standards are met.

The canisters can be nested this means that they are easy to store and they save you on storage space.

These canisters are disposable and are meant for single use only.

A foam guard helps the valve to stay in place so that the valve does not shut off prematurely before you are done with extraction. The valve will close when the fluid being extracted gets to the top.


The disposable suction pump canisters are used in hospitals and surgical centers for thick medical wastes like blood.

They are made to hold high volumes of waste and are therefore very effective.