Suction Pump Collection Kit

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This is a machine that is used for medical suctioning. The collection bottles or canisters are attached to it while suctioning. This product should only be used by professionals.

Usage and Features

This unit is equipped with a collection bottle so that it is convenient and easy to use. It also has an anti-bacterial filter that helps prevent contamination to the environment thus protecting the patients and the staff from harmful pathogens.

The bottles are equipped with overflow protection so that there is no spillage and the kit is also easy to clean.

It has a base cord wrap and a handle that is easy to grip and is light in weight for easy transportation. It should also work quietly with minimal noise and vibrations.

The kit has automated shut off when it overheats and can start again after it has cooled down.

They have vacuum tubing so that the suctions are effective.

Place of Use

The kits are used in hospitals and surgical places to help in suctions of fluids. They are effective and easy to use and also easy to clean once suction is completed. This machine can work for a number of years with proper care and maintenance.