Suction Pump Connection Tubing

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This product is used together with a suctioning machine. It is used to suction phlegm and liquid from a patient. This product should only be used by trained individuals in the medical industry. It is mainly found in hospitals, clinics or ambulances for emergency cases.

Product Description

The suction pump connection tube is a disposable tube used during medical procedures. It fastens securely to the machine. It is sterile prevent any infections in the patient. This product comes in various lengths and diameters. It fastens safely around the machine using the blue connectors, ensuring that there are no spillages thus providing safety to the user and the environment too.

It is used together with a disposable overflow valve. Care must be taken when being prepared for use so that it is used correctly. The tube is made from quality material and therefore is recommended for use. They are sealed individually.


It is used to suction fluids from unwanted areas in a patient either during an operation or in emergencies. It is ideal for first-aid, and also during minor surgeries. It is meant for a single use only and therefore must be safely and hygienically disposed of after use.