VacMAXI Phlegm Suction Pump

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VacMAXI Phlegm Suction Pump

VacuumMaxI vacuum pump is developed to treat respiratory and wound treatments and provides strong absorption when necessary. The VACMAXI series of Apex Medical is designed for use and aesthetics.

VacMAXI helps you meet the requirements of good hygiene and infection control, ideal for use in high vacuum and high flow rates. Durable and lightweight, the design has a comfortable grip that facilitates movement.

The removable power cord allows you to change the power cords when you need to replace the plugs. It is used in emergency services, nursing homes and home sanitation.

The pressure regulator is correct and easy to read or install. The appliance has a clean surface to clean and clean your favourite cleaning products.

The detachable power cable allows the cable to adapt to the output power. The design of the laptop is ideal to adapt to different situations and environments.

Only 4.4 kg of suction on demand for easy handling.

The VacMAXI Vacuum Pump is designed to treat respiratory and wound healing and provides strong and healthy absorption when needed.

Features / Benefits

Strong suction force upon request

Built-in support

The weight support unit is light

Adjustable pressure regulator

Smooth and smooth ABS surface, easy to clean

Removable power cable for quick change

VAC Pump Series is the latest generation of Apex Medical suction devices, designed to combine functionality.