VacPRO Phlegm Suction Pump

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VacPRO Phlegm Suction Pump

VacPRO: the suction pump is used to treat respiratory and respiratory surgery. The VacPRO series from Apex Medical is a modern portable suction device. Vacpro has a strong and light design with an attractive and aesthetic design. The design has a comfortable handle and easy to handle.

VacPRO was specially developed for the absorption of dense body fluids. It is used in emergency services, nursing homes and domestic sanitation.

The pressure regulator is correct and easy to read or install.

The device has a healthy finishing touch to clean and clean your favourite cleaning products.

The detachable power cable allows the cables to match the output power.

The design of the laptop is ideal to adapt to different situations and environments.

Warranty: two-year warranty


Smooth surface, waterproof, easy to clean and maintain.

It is a series of pumps VAC is the latest generation of portable suction devices Apex Medical is designed to connect with Jobs Aesthetics.

The VAC pump is the latest Apex medical suction unit, combining functionality and aesthetic appeal to meet the modern requirements of infection control and sanitation. The VacMaxi suction unit is a powerful, fast and efficient blower, ideal for use in high flow and high flow systems.