Digital TENS Machine

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The Digital TENS machine is a method of relieving pain by using a small battery operated machine to create a mild electrical current on the body. This device is attached to the skin.

Benefits and Features

This device has a dual intensity muscle stimulator, nerve stimulator, and an electric massager. It has independent dual channels that control the individual unit pads for targeted pain relief.

It provides immediate pain relief and the effects last longer. The machine has several therapy modes each for different types of pain intensity. You can choose between the normal, burst, modulation pulse massager, strength-duration 1, and strength-duration 2

This device is sold over the counter and is very effective for the relief of back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and other muscular pain.


The Digital TENS machine is used to help people with all types of pain and is a common device among professionals in the drug-free pain relieving field. It is an easy to use machine which comes with a battery, a guide to help you, an instruction manual, and a case to carry it in.

You will also find two pairs of lead wires and a pack of reusable premium electrodes